Pindos Historic Rally 2023 edition is on the go!

Regularity Master and SISA, invite you to participate in a demanding regularity rally, which will take you on routes of wild beauty, on the Pindus mountains, in the Northwest part of Greece.
This year the rally will take place from the 25th till the 28th of May.

• Presentation of the rally:
For the 2023 edition, we have scheduled a full 3 days itinerary (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), for a total ~1.100 kms .The rally will take place in the Pindus mountain area, around the beautiful city of Ioannina, steeped in history, at the crossroads of Greek and Balkan civilizations. The routes chosen will take you to classic destinations, such as the traditional village of Metsovo, the Zagoria valley or Mount Tzoumerka and along more wild and confidential horizons.
It is a historic regularity rally on open roads with time keeping controlled via satellite system. The challenging beauty of this rally, is the balanced combination of picturesque routes of narrow, winding roads and the high speed averages (max 50 km / h). Participants will be have to cover 280 to 420 km per day, more than half of which will be regularity tests.

For the 2023 edition, along with the Regularity (with given average speed) and Sport Touring (with given checkpoints and ideal time) categories, we introduce, after popular demand, the Classic Touring category, for those who would like to live the experience and beauty of Pindos Historic Rally in a less demanding/more comfortable way. Classic Touring category participants will drive less kms per day, following partially the same route with other categories, but bypassing the most difficult and hard routes. Rhythm will also be more touristic, but still exciting enough!!

For more info (Program, Regulation, Entry Form), please visit the Downloads area of our site.

See you in Pindos….

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